Full Set Wicker Moses Basket With Mattress, Cover and Rocking Stand

£46.99 inc VAT

When it comes to baby product, SAFETY is always our first concern. We have put the safety standard as our priority. All our moses baskets are made to meet and exceed latest EU standard BSEN1466:2004


Classic wicker moses basket with matching leather handles and a fuller padding on the inside. (Complies with BS EN 1466:2004)

Hand woven Space-Tec Padding Quilted Hypo-Allergenic Feet to Foot mattress from Genuine UK manufacturer (BS 7177:2008 low hazard domestic use).

Superb quality White Teddy Washday dressing made by polycotton from Genuine UK manufacturer.

Curved rocking stand gives a gentle "head to toe" motion, and is very sturdy.
Ideal for a boy or girl in their first few months (up to 9kg).

Screw Driver may be required to make holes for wicker basket hood assembly.


1. Moses basket
2. Rocking Stand
3. Mattress
4. Padding and dressing
5. Hood, Liner & Quilt